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Albuminous foam agent

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Georgia - Azerbaijan - Armenia

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Why cellular concrete manufacturers choose Laston?

Stable foam

Uniform structure


Cost efficiently

Italian foaming agent Laston is made from a natural protein raw materials and is completely safe and eco-friendly product.

High standards of the manufacturing process and unique formula gives the product better technical features:


  • Long foam stability     - up to 3 hours
  • Catalyst for a cement reaction    - concrete solidification goes on faster
  • Uniform structure     - bubbles have the same optimal size
  • Low consumption   - сonly 1-1.5 liters per 1 cubic meter of cellular concrete

Check the video and assess the quality of Laston foam agent

Prices for a Laston foam agent

(for a 1 kg depending on the amount, VAT included)

On tap

 10 gel for 1 kg

1 barrel and more
(230 kg each)

8,5 gel for 1 rg

3 barrel and more
(230 kg each)

7,5 gel for 1 kg

6 barrel and more
(230 kg each)

6,5 gel for 1 kg

Laston foam agentе

Delivered in metall barrels (230 kg each).

Delivery is carried out throughout the Caucasus: Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Customer pickup in Zugdidi and Batumi

Contact information

LTD "Penobloki", Georgia, Zugdidi

The central warehouse is located in Zugdidi on the territory of an aircraft factory.

Tel.:     +995-555-33-66-55

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